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HDPE ground mat for Japanese customer

DATE: Aug 19th, 2020
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Recently, our Japanese customer Yohei felt that the rubber mats used for party A’s construction was thick and heavy, and it needed nearly four people to carry and install it every time.

It not only affects the efficiency of construction, but also increases the cost of manpower.

After knowing the customer’s concern, we recommended the HDPE ground mats of Our Company, HENAN okay plastic company. Under the condition of not affecting the load bearing and use, we recommended the size of the regular paving board of 4“*8″ *1/2 “.

And we designed the handles and the connection holes.

Such patchwork installation saves both time and labor costs.

And this customer also introduced to us many other Japanese customers to buy our HDPE ground mats.

HDPE ground mat for Japanese customer

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