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Manufacturer round crane outrigger pads

Durable UHMWPE/HDPE outrigger pads, are made in UHMWPE, an engineering material that offers a superior combination of impact strength, wear and chemical resistance. Each pad is equipped with a durable wire handle to allow for easy storage and mobility.
PE Outrigger Pads are an alternative to wood pads due to their superior characteristics and performance which allows them to last longer.
Feature: Square with rope handle, Convex mark face (skid-proof)
Both virgin and recycled UHMWPE crane pad is available.

Product description

How to check your outrigger pads and crane pads?
The crane pad must be smooth and free of debris in order to evenly distribute the load and make firm contact with the outrigger pads or crane pads.
If additional pads, pads or other support materials are used on UHMWPE outrigger pads or crane pads, be sure to check them for cracks, warping, rot, or other signs of possible failure. If the additional material shows signs of compromised integrity, do not use it.
The correct placement of the outrigger pads is essential for effective load support and distribution.
The crane pad should be placed vertically in the center of the leg pad or crane pad. Because the outrigger pads placed outside the target area (the center of the pad/pad) will cause uneven ground bearing pressure.

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