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HDPE/UHMW-PE plastic conveyor Idlers

The buffer idler is installed at the feeding point of the conveyor, and its function is mainly to reduce the impact of the falling material and avoid the damage of the belt conveyor idler.

Product description

Advantages of HDPE/UPE conveyor rollers:
1. Long service life—In the environment with chemical corrosion, it has more than 5 times the service life of steel idlers.

2. Protect the belt—the surface of the idler tube is smooth, non-magnetic, and not easy to absorb iron powder, dust or various viscous substances; the friction coefficient with the belt is small, and it has a certain self-lubricating property. These advantages can effectively protect Belts to extend service life.

3. The weight is very light – only about one third of the steel roller and one fifth of the ceramic roller, so the plastic roller is very convenient for construction and installation, and also has a very good power saving effect.

4. Labyrinth design—can effectively protect the bearing, once installed, maintenance-free for life.

5. Low noise—only about half of the steel idler, which can change the working environment.

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