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Factory 24×24 crane outrigger pads

7 reasons why you should choose our outrigger pads made of UHMWPE:
Higher impact resistance
Bend but not break
Higher carrying capacity
Higher energy absorption capacity
Higher tensile crack resistance
Stability at high temperature

Product description

The 24×24 outrigger pads come in many shapes, sizes and materials-it is very important to choose the correct outrigger pads according to your needs.
The size of the pad depends on the size of the outriggers on the equipment, soil conditions and the maximum outrigger force. The shape of the different pads brings an additional dimension to the selection process. The cushion can be heavy, so the edges of the round cushion can be tilted and rolled to facilitate positioning; the square cushion does not provide the same degree of simplicity, especially when the cushion is large. In addition, the storage capacity of your rig will determine the size and shape of your cushion. It is best to familiarize yourself with the size and storage capacity of the device and discuss your needs with a trusted manufacturer.
The pads must be strong enough not to fail under maximum load and pressure, and they must be strong enough to effectively distribute the load. Performance, weight, durability and longevity are all factors that need to be considered. The larger the load distribution area required, the harder the liner must be. Is material stiffness related to strength?
If the stiffness of the backing plate is not enough to overcome the rigidity of the ground, the load will be concentrated on a small area of the backing plate. This results in an increase in ground bearing pressure, which will cause more pad deflection and shear stress. These conditions may lead to functional failure, or in the worst case, to physical failure.

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